Energy Services





"Deep Spiritual Meditation"
This is a process that takes place during your dream state. It will uplift and enlighten your spirit,clearing away any top surface negative energies that overwhelm your positivity. Which will allow me to communicate with your energy on a deeper level. This process will allow you to become more focused in your every day life. The benefits you will receive from a deep spiritual meditation are clarity,positivity & peace of mind.


Chakra Balancing & Sacred Scents
Chakras are major energy centers in the body and when blocked or congested, cause imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. During this guided sacred soul journey, precious oils and natural crystals are used to anoint and enhance the chakras allowing emotional healing and transformation. Clearing the chakras of these disturbances and releasing negative unwanted patterns, encourages the body to heal from within.

"Crystal Energy Healing"
This process Focuses on blockages caused by negative energies. Repairing and rejuvenating good luck,love,health,happiness,peace of mind, and self confidence. Using the most natural crystals Amethyst and Brazilian Quartz.